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Smoke Damage Repair Services That Can Work Directly With Your Insurance Carrier

Homeowners whose property has been either destroyed or damaged will for sure look at their insurance companies for relief, but usually that comes with success of varying degrees. There are a number of insurance companies that work with the smoke and fire damage repair service people to finance and fix the repairs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when interacting with insurance companies:

1. Getting Advance: When you are forced to evacuate your home in a hurry, you would not have had time to catch hold of all your basic necessities before leaving like toothbrush, clothes etc. The policy of homeowners allows one to cover up for the cost of replacing all of these items but there will be no need to file a claim. Take a good look at your policy even if it does not include “replacement” coverage, it is surely going to have “actual cash value” that will cover for your personal items that were lost in the fire.
2. Make Sure You File Your Claim Instantly: Most policies will need homeowners to make a report of losses as soon as possible. You can do this by either making a call to your agent or sending out an email. You will then be asked for “proof of loss of claim”. This is where you will need to mention all the items that you have lost in the fire. If you delay in filing for losses, you will see yourself far down the list when it is time to send coverage’s.
3. Contact a Fire and Damage Repair Service That Are Connected to the Insurance: There are a number of insurance companies that work directly with your insurance companies. The insurance company works closely with them and tracks what work needs to be done, what can be covered and how much relief is needed for the agreed coverage.
4. Make your property secure: Most policies will want you to take a reasonable number of steps that will minimize the harm that can be done to your property by fire. In the legalese, this will be known as duty for mitigating damages. This includes some very basic aspects like covering a portion of the leaky part of your roof till you can repair it. Your insurance company will provide relief when you can make the claim.
5. Keep track of the insurance company’s prompt action: There are regulations by the Government that require insurance companies to act in a timely manner. You must keep track of how much your insurance company is paying for the repair of smoke and fire damages. The repair company can give you a fairly good picture since you can physically see how much work is done in terms of repair.

Apart from this, make sure that you keep track of all your living expenditure; the insurance policy can also cover this. Keep track of all these aspects in a list so you do not forget to check when you file for claims.